Waiting for spring

Taze balık bulunur. Fresh fish here. At the southeast corner of the lake, on the road to Van yesterday.

Not this one

The Turkey/Iran border is about 360 kilometers (224 miles) long. There are multiple border crossings. I will not be walking to the one this sign points to. I will be walking to the one east of Van.

And Van makes 95%

On 1 March I blew out of Urfa like a bat out of hell, telling myself that in March I’d walk 572 kilometers (355 miles) and end the month in Van. Actually, I thought it was barely possible. It was almost 2-1/2 times my monthly average for the walk. Yesterday, on...

Today is for Dilan and Gülden Eraslan

I cross this country on plates of buttery rice and lemony carrot salad, and I rest my soul drinking tea in cozy living rooms surrounded by kind, loving people. Health to your hands Dilan and Gülden! Ben bu ülkeyi tereyağlı pilav tabakları ve limonlu havuç...