Thursday night’s campsite

This photo was taken Friday morning, after I broke camp (I panicked because I heard a flock of sheep coming — the sheep never showed up, but I broke camp and got an early start to my day).

Today is for Angie Walls

Angie has been a friend of mine for about 17 years. We both worked for Zygon International back in 1995.

View from Sertavul Pass

View from the south side of Sertavul Pass. In the distance is the Goksu river valley, the river valley I’ll be walking out to the Mediterranean. It took all of a day or two to go from looking down on these hills to looking up at them, but it’ll take me a...

Creepy unoccupied rock houses

The south side of Sertavul Pass has a lot of houses made out of rock, tin, and flimsy wooden branches. I don’t know who lives in them or what they do or when they do it, but yesterday at least all the houses were empty. It was kind of creepy, seeing all those...

At the pass

Finally reached Sertavul Pass yesterday. 5400 feet (1650 meters). End of Karaman province, beginning of Mersin province. Reaching Sertavul was a major milestone, because it marked the end of my days on the Central Anatolia plateau.