Best of (so far, at least)…

These are some of my favorite posts. Most are listed here because they address some important aspect of the trip. A few of them are listed because they address what possessed me to undertake a walk like this.

Posts on Heathen Pilgrim:
Why I treat this like a job
Tickling Oprah’s hand (a Thanksgiving post)
Offensive images
Why were you so dismissive? (fear vs. danger)
Solo but not alone
Congratulations Denise Waters (related to a collaboration I’m doing with a 4th grade class near Seattle)
Goodness and mercy
Why “heathen”?
Rolled the odometer (Portland edition)
Work the kinks out
Flirty girls
The puppy

Posts elsewhere:
A parting gift from my grandpa
Andrei Kleist
Europe’s Mexico
Istanbul’s Ortakoy mosque

Books that helped me get started or prepare in some way:
Before my trip I read dozens of books about similar projects, and they all helped me in some way. But these are my two favorites…
Rory Stewart’s The Places In Between
Patrick Leigh Fermor’s A Time of Gifts