Best of (so far, at least)

Best of (so far, at least)…

These are some of my favorite posts. Most are listed here because they address some important aspect of the trip. A few of them are listed because they address what possessed me to undertake a walk like this.

Posts on Heathen Pilgrim:
Why I treat this like a job
Tickling Oprah’s hand (a Thanksgiving post)
Offensive images
Why were you so dismissive? (fear vs. danger)
Solo but not alone
Congratulations Denise Waters (related to a collaboration I’m doing with a 4th grade class near Seattle)
Goodness and mercy
Why “heathen”?
Rolled the odometer (Portland edition)
Work the kinks out
Flirty girls
The puppy

Posts elsewhere:
A parting gift from my grandpa
Andrei Kleist
Europe’s Mexico
Istanbul’s Ortakoy mosque

Books that helped me get started or prepare in some way:
Before my trip I read dozens of books about similar projects, and they all helped me in some way. But these are my two favorites…
Rory Stewart’s The Places In Between
Patrick Leigh Fermor’s A Time of Gifts