Tatvan's Hüseyin Çelik Anadolu Lisesi by mattkrause1969

My host in Tatvan is Veli Deniz, appearing in this photo to my left. I visited a handful of classes today, but with this one I got to spend three class periods, since it is an intensive language class that stays in the same room for most of the day.

The exercise Veli prepared ahead of time was for the students to ask questions of me, me to answer, and then the students, later, to repeat my answers in their own words.

That exercise lasted only 1-1/2 class periods, though, and we spent the rest of the time with the students just asking me unscripted questions of their own. I was amazed at how wise and thoughtful their questions were, requiring me to dig deep and find creative ways to discuss complex philosophical issues clearly with a small vocabulary.

I absolutely love it when someone asks me to do that, and then is patient enough to listen to my answer. Everything else in the world falls away, and the only things that exist are me and the people in front of me.