A few weeks ago I spoke about the walk at Istanbul Toastmasters…

Personally, I think the most interesting part is hearing what questions people ask. That starts at minute 14.

Mom, you are mentioned at 24:20, and again at 25:50. 😉

At 25:44 I mention moving off the road to avoid getting hit by cars, and I knock on wood. The audience, mostly Turkish, chuckles at that gesture. Here in Turkey they also knock on wood to avoid tempting fate. It’s a habit I picked up years ago, long before I came to Turkey.

At 26:55 I answer a question about what scares me on the walk.

At 28:15 Aydin asks an interesting question about Turkish vs. western cultures, and is western culture more encouraging of projects like this.

Craig Randleman, I mention you specifically at 32:20.

At about 34:30 Metin asks about safety and terrorism concerns.

At 40:05 I answer a question about struggling through the walk with my limited Turkish language skills.

At 43:00 Seli asks perhaps the most challenging and complicated question, “Is your midlife crisis over?” followed by one of the simplest and most straightforward, “What shoes do you wear?” 😉

Thanks Alper, for recording this and putting it on YouTube!