Today’s road companion

This mountain was my road companion for the day. When I still had 6 hours of walking to go, I could see this mountain peeking out at me through the other ridges.

Highway construction at the dam

Maybe someday these’ll be pretty ruins people will travel from the four corners of the earth to see, but right now they’re just bridge supports for the wider highway they’re building between Konya and Beysehir.

Altinapa baraji (Altinapa dam)

Don’t get any funny ideas about waterskiing or picnicking on the beach. Altinapa is a work-only reservoir supplying water for the city of Konya (approx population 1 million).

This morning’s breakfast

Chocolate-covered cookie/marshmallow sandwiches and water. Breakfast of champions, or people who haven’t seen a bakkal (corner market) in a couple of days.