Gialiana, a 4th grader in Denise Waters’ class at Norman Rockwell Elementary, asks, “Did you meet good people or bad people?”

Gialiana, I’ve met both. These are, after all, human beings, and there are some good ones and there are some bad ones. But I try to surround myself with as many good ones as I can.

How do I do that? By being good myself.

Last week I heard some wise words from a young man here in Turkey. He said some people are good all the time, and some people are bad all the time.

But most people are good or bad depending on their surroundings. If you are good, you will bring out the good in them. If you are bad, you will bring out the bad in them.

How can you show people you are good? It’s easy. Look them in the eye. Let them look you in the eye. Stand when they enter the room. Bow your head slightly when you shake their hand. Face them not just with your face, but with your shoulders. Smile. Don’t take yourself too seriously.