…on why she backed the project:

“A two-week trip to Turkey left me absolutely in love – with the country, food, and of course the people – and already itching to go back again soon. After coming home, I struggled to explain to people just how special the trip had been, and how welcoming the people were. So when I stumbled upon Matt’s Kickstarter page I instantly related to his love of the country and ambitions for the trip. I’m happy to be supporting his journey, and the fantastic updates from the walk keep me inspired to plan my own return visit!”

Thank you Krista!

The project has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, but there’s no reason to stop now. Additional funding means books, postcards, or even broken champagne bottles for you, and perhaps a hot meal for me. So if you’ve enjoyed following the walk across Turkey so far, and want to get more out of it, check out the Kickstarter campaign. It closes Saturday afternoon USA time, and it won’t reopen.