Walking Turkey on KickstarterRecently I have been hearing from people new to me as this project is covered by the media. I hear from these people by email, text, phone, and even in person.

A certain subset of the people who contact me is offended by the images I use in the opening sequence of the Kickstarter project video. Often, they are offended by the images of women in headscarves.

I lived in Istanbul for six years, I married into a very secular Turkish family, and I am well aware some Turks, including very good friends of mine, are offended by those images. I am also aware that there is no set of images which will not offend anyone, except maybe cute pictures of cats. I do not think it is possible to do a project like this and not offend anyone. The most you can hope to do is see as much as you can and then show it to people.

By the way, I love to make new friends and hear their opinions, whatever those opinions may be. So if you are offended by some aspect of this project, please do not hesitate to contact me and tell me. When we finish talking you might still be offended, but you can rest assured I have listened to you and I am thinking about what you said. Your objections do not fall on deaf ears.