A Tight Wide-open SpaceMemories of best friends. Unexpected gifts from grandpas. Recurring nightmares starring college advisors. Eggs Benedict for the Lazy Man.

They are all in this collection of essays long and short.

The essays are: Andrei Kleist; The man at the fence; Learning to speak Big Kid; Twigs, rocks, dust; Truck stop; Drunk barber; Take a teacher to lunch; A parting gift from my grandpa; Muslims are the new niggers; Cold sweat; Go talk to your audience; I love running barefoot; Egg, cheese, toast; You don’t get to blame society; My cousin’s name is Jihad; More than just groceries; The first thing you should know; Looking, finding, ignoring; The ripples are why the cake tastes so good; You owe it to your country; Starbucks.

These essays are available scattered around this website. But if you want the wheat separated from the chaff, or if you want a nice analog package you can carry with you on the bus, Soapbox is for you.

The book is available in paperback at Amazon. It is also available for the Kindle. It is also available for free as a pdf.